Woman returns stolen Walmart items for gift card

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by seekperfection, Nov 7, 2008.

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    From nwfnews.com:

    Woman returns stolen Walmart items for gift card
    Robbyn Brooks
    November 7, 2008 - 6:33AM

    DESTIN - A woman shoplifted several items from Walmart on Nov. 2 and returned them in exchange for a gift card the following day.

    According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office offense report, a loss prevention officer watched the woman place items in her purse on Nov. 2, but wasn't able to keep track of her to see if she left them there. He allowed her to leave the store, but she returned the next day with several plastic bags containing items she wanted to return.

    The report said she didn't have a receipt, so she was issued a gift card.

    The officer followed her to the women's department where he saw her stuff items of clothing into another item of clothing, the report said. She then moved to the lingerie department and selected several more items.

    A dressing room attendant stopped her before she could go inside one of the rooms, the report said.

    The woman proceeded to stuff articles of clothing into a plastic bag in her cart and then moved to the pharmacy to add to the items she collected, the report said. She went through the garden department and paid for some of the items.

    The loss prevention officer stopped the woman at the store's exit and escorted her back inside. She admitted she took the merchandise: three shirts, women's socks. She also said she took two hoodies, a rayon sweater, a pair of fleece pants and a top, mens socks, womens socks, a sympathy card valued at 88 cents, stickers, a notebook and a basketball.

    The items totaled about $100, the report said.

    The woman had a small child with her and seemed remorseful, the report said.

    She had no history of retail theft and was allowed to leave with a notice to appear in court at a later date.

    I find it incredibly ironic that she stole a sympathy card when she was unable to apply sympathy, or empathy, to the lives of those her crimes affected. All of this would be amusing if it wasn't for the fact that she appears to be a mother. What kind of an example is she setting for the kid? Clearly not a very good one.
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    I am friends with a very successful businessman. He attributes his drive and ambition to an experience he had when he was a child that he's carried with him over the years. Apparently his mother was arrested at Walmart for stealing. She was handcuffed and taken into custody and social services came to pick up him and his brother. He was mortified and decided right then and there that he would never be poor or steal. So really, I guess it was a good example that she set.
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    It all depends upon the child. Many follow someone they admire into a life of crime, whether that person is a relative, friend, or just someone they know about. The best way to set an example is to live the right way, not just for the child, but for yourself as well. There are plenty of examples out there of what not to be like, we don't need more people like that.
  4. Awake at Last

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    Sad to say, but my younger sister was a Master Shoplifter. When she was younger, and her kids were little, she would use their coats, baby carrier, diaper bag, etc. to steal things. The kids had no idea she was doing it at the time, as they were too young. She continued her life of crime and dishonesty and got caught shoplifting several times but kept doing it. Her husband (now ex husband) and her got in fights over it, and the kids were witness to the fights. When she went manic (bipolar) in 2002, these traits were amplified and she committed a felony and also continued with the shoplifting & stealing from others. Her kids are now 17, 21, & 23. Not sure what they have learned from her relating to all of this.

    One thing I learned from her is that it had little to do with being poor (though they did have a low income). It was an addiction. It was a challenge. She became so good at it, and she got a rush from it. She was PROUD of what she was able to accomplish!! Can you frickin’ believe it?!?!?! But that’s how some of these people are. Proud to steal some things, return them for a gift card, and then “buy” something legitimately. Beat the system, ya know? :hopeless: My oldest son is a Loss Prevention Officer at a large department store and he sure has the stories…

    Anyway, I guess I’m being a dishonest thief by typing this while I’m at work! :nono: Gotta go!
  5. seekperfection

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    One of the biggest problems with people who try to "beat the system" is that they wind up hurting everyone. Prices go up due to thefts and the honest people of this world end up paying more for the same goods. Retailers lose money and smaller mom and pop companies have a much harder time than major corporations in making up the losses. Even employees suffer when sales drop, because then their hours are cut since revenues are reduced. All of these things are reasons that before I became a Christian I didn't support the anti-capitalists anarchists that give a green light to stealing. We would all like to get something for nothing, but unless someone is willingly giving away the item, then we really should do the right thing and make a proper transaction for the item.

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